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2255 Petitions 2255 Procedural Default Sample Reply Descamps ACCA (D. Md. 2014)
2255(h)(2) Descamps Successive Brief (4th Cir. 2013)
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Appeals Petition for Writ of Certiorari Booker (2012)
Petition for Writ of Certiorari Retroactive Guideline Amendments (2012)
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Bill of Particulars Bill of Particulars Firearm Possession Motion (D. Idaho 2004)
Competency Release Defendant from 18 USC § 4243 Care Order (D. Kansas 2009)
Competency Hearing Transcript BOP Psychologist Christina Pietz (D. Mont. 2009)
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Conflicts and Withdraw Withdraw Conflict Ex Parte Affidavit (D. Idaho 2004) (redacted)
Withdraw Conflict Motion (D. Idaho 2004) (redacted)
Continuance Speedy Trial Objection Motion & Memo (D. Idaho 2000)
Extend Time to File Sentencing Brief Motion & Memo to (N.D. Ill.)
Continue & Declare Complex Drug Conspiracy Motion (W.D. Wash. 2012)
Discovery, Disclosures, Evidence Require Subpoena Compliance Phone Records Affidavit and Proposed Order (D. Idaho 2004)
Require Subpoena Compliance Phone Records Ex Parte Motion (D. Idaho 2004)
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Dismissal Restraining Order Due Process Violation Memo 18 USC 922(g)(8) (D. Idaho 2006)
Deportation Due Process Violation Group Hearing Memo 8 USC 1326 (E.D. Wash. 2010)
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Evidence and Motions in Limine Daubert DNA Expert Motion (D. Idaho 2001)
Exclude Post-Offense Conduct 404(b) Deprivation of Rights Response (D. Idaho 2001)
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Experts and CJA Funds Expert Fees Forensic Accountant Ex Parte Application, Motion, Affidavit, and Proposed Order (D. Idaho)
Expert Services and Costs Ex Parte Motion (D. Idaho)
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Jury Instructions Entrapment Drug Conspiracy Defense Proposed Jury Instruction (D. Idaho 2002)
Possession of Unregistered Machine Gun Defense Proposed Jury Instructions (D. Idaho 2005)
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Jury Trials Request for Jury Trial for Petty Offense Memo (D. Idaho 2004)
Acquittal or New Trial Possession of Unregistered Machine Gun Memo (D. Idaho 2006)
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Pretrial Motions Refuse DNA Sample and Foreign Order Defense Brief Addendum (D. Idaho 2006) (redacted)
Pretrial Substance Abuse Treatment Motion (D. Idaho 2005) (redacted)
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Restitution and Forfeiture Waive Restitution Interest Motion (D. Idaho 2008)
Forfeiture of IRA Avoiding Penalty IRS Private Letter Ruling (IRS 2004)
Sentencing Reasonable Doubt for Supervised Release Revocation (D. Idaho 2005)
Standard of Proof Sentencing Enhancements and Apprendi PSR Objections (D. Idaho 2000)
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Severance Sever Charges for Prejudice, Felon in Possession, Alien in Possession, Illegal Reentry, Memo (D. Idaho 2005) (redacted)
Sever Charges Felon in Possession and Offer to Stipulate to Prior Conviction Memo (D. Idaho 2007)
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Spanish 2255 Form English-Spanish
2255 IFP application
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Subpoenas Subpoena Federal Law Enforcement Agent 28 CFR 16.23(c) Notice (D. Idaho 2004)
Subpoena Federal Law Enforcement Agent 28 CFR 16.23(c) Affidavit (D. Idaho 2004)
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Supervised Release and Probation Early Termination of Probation Memo (D. Idaho 2005)
Early Termination of Supervised Release Wrongful Denial of RDAP Early Release Memo (D. Idaho 2003)
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Suppression Inventory Search 4th Amendment Memo (D. Idaho 2000)
Dog Alert Automobile Search 4th Amendment Memo (D. Idaho 2007) (redacted)
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Voir Dire Proposed Voir Dire Race and National Origin, Drugs, Eyewitness Identification (E.D. Wash.)